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tom vacar live on treasure island with the up close look that he got at the high tech art show destined for the new western span, tom. >> reporter: indeed, you know the vertical cables on this side of the bridge are exactly this wide and tonight crews are up there about the business of trying to put lights on every one of them. >> reporter: here's your exclusive look at legend theatrical. a company that lights theaters and buildings nationwide. it's the ultra high tech electronic art system who's ever changing design will illuminate the bay bridge. >> what we do is make sure it works. and when it arrives on the bridge that it works. >> 400 to 600 light fixtures, so we're hoping to finish installing by mid-february. >> reporter: but the lights are only a part of it. >> we have 100,000 feet of wiring. we are fiberoptic for the networking system. >> reporter: with five lights per pod, there are a grand total of 125,000 lights in all but they are so energy efficient, the entire group will run for $4.25 an hour. the entire project paid by private donors. >> i encourage people to jo
editor tom vacar is live now. >> reporter: that campaign thing is over right now, everybody has gone. the controversy very much remains. $11million spent to defeat prop 30 and pass prop 32. who wrote the checks is still unknown. the money trail leads back from the post office box of an arizona entity, to another called the center to protect patient rights, to another one called americans for job security. >> the money gone through three hands before it got to the arizona group and came to california. >> reporter: law can protect the identity of the person who funded the money. >> these particular organizations do not have to reveal their donors. >> reporter: unless prosecutors can prove a conspiracy to laundther money. >> looks -- launder the money. >> looks like there could be violation of the law. >> reporter: that would be a felony. >> money laundering is a lower level of offense. and might carry a fine. they are looking into weather it is conspiracy. >> reporter: states attorney general kamala harris launched an investigation into the matter. she says we need a change in law. >>
presents two major concerns. tom vacar joins us live to tell us what needs to be done before the rain arrives. >> reporter: the hillside overlooking this community is best described by a single phrase, naturally unstable and getting worse. while crews clean below, above a massive bear gash 200 feet long, 40 feet deep. >> there's a big gully up there now as a result. that's not native land up there now. we have a big area of wash out. >> when the rain comes in, there is reverse tsunami. >> reporter: engineers are already at work. >> an immediate plan to winterize that area and to ensure that the area is shored up so we don't have problems with the coming rains. >> reporter: that includes planting fast growing vegetation and covering the area with this, thick sheeting. >> that will keep the rain so the rain doesn't pond off and divert it away from the affected area. >> reporter: this is not the first time a pipe has burst here. the last time 14 years ago. >> he looks like the haul is a little bit about 100 yards away from the same spot. >> all the tarp was full. >> reporter: though the
. ktvu's tom vacar is live in san francisco where one thing everyone wants. >> reporter: consider this, gas prices are the same as they were last thanksgiving. but this year we have just come off a record price spike. >> reporter: scion provided free ride and drives that san francisco international auto show today. high quality and high mileage at a low price. >> from the time we opened there have been people under the tent wanting to take test drives. >> reporter: we asked folks how important mileage is when they consider buying a car. >> very important. especially with the way gas prices are. small car like this, easy to park. fun to drive. very important. light on the wallet. >> reporter: most folks said it is not the deciding factor. >> i don't have drive a lot. it is important but not vital. >> depends on the economy. because it seems like gas is more expensive now. like anything it is not number one but it factors into it. >> reporter: other factors, a reasonable balance of vehicle size, quality, utility and price. >> i think it play as big factor. you don't have to compromise, g
is striking first. >> that picture, tom vacar is up there, you see how hard it is raining? it is heading our way. heaviest rain in the north bay. santa rosa area. it will work its way south into the evening hours. but it will rain up there for a full -- boy, 6-8 hours before it gets here. the story tomorrow is the morning commute. it will be the worst morning commute we have had in a while. roadway flooding, especially in the north bay. looking at dangerous cross winds. we have a high wind advisory in effect. and looking at longer commutes. wire looking for the -- we are looking for had heb rast rain in the early morning -- heaviest rains in the early morning. flash flood watch in effect. we showed you the pictures. tom vacar is watching the russian river. up high on the river. it isn't up yet, is it? >> reporter: no. 5 minutes ago it was scattered showers, but now it is starting to come down. here is the latest from the forecasters about what the river levels will be. the russian river is now just over -- around 3 feet. however by late saturday night, or early sunday, it is expected to ris
. >> almost three months after that massive fire at chevron's refinery in richmond, tom vacar takes a closer look at safety concerns and what happens when chevron fails to act. >> and if you ride amtrak's capital corridor train listen up. where the train will not be stopping for the next two weeks. >>> in tonight's special report we take a closer look at refineries in richmond. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar went through pages of refinery records and tells us what he learned about past complaints in a story you will see only on 2. >> reporter: was it a culmination of a long series of events. >> one of the things that went into a disaster is chevron kept running the system for two hours, they didn't want to take it offline. >> reporter: kerr senior scientist for communities of refineries say, look at a fight in the same refinery two years ago. >> this was caused by corrosion in a pipe. sound familiar? it was left in place for 20 years or more when it wasn't supposed to be. >> reporter: i obtained cal osha, mostly employee safety complaints going back 20 years. since a well petroleum expert t
dianne feinstein, governor jerry brown attend the final meeting for pro prop 30. i am tom vacar, still ahead. >> and i have extremes to talk about, record heat today and cold weather around the corner. i will have all the specifics. ♪ [ male announcer ] start with an all new award winning car. good. now find the most hard core driver in america. that guy, put him in it. what's this? [ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis, 6 speed manual, dual exhaust, wide stance, clean lines, have him floor it, spin it, punch it, drift it, put it through its paces, is he happy? oh ya, he's happy! [ male announcer ] and that's how you test your car for fun. easy. >>> take a look at what happened in san francisco this morning. that is water shooting into the air in the north beach area of the city. news chopper 2 was over the scene as they capped the water after 11:00 a.m. a paving contractor hit a water main this morning. and a few blocks away, crews on the embarcadero hit a gas line at peer 15 as they w
, there is concerns the river could rise. ktvu's tom vacar is live where they are keeping a close eye on the water. tom? >> reporter: they are keeping a close look. they are taking the wait and see attitude because they are used to it. the public works department tells me it has sand bags ready to hand out if needed. even though we are 30 miles from the pacific, low lying areas see flooding, including down stream towns. one person told me southwest of the town, he often sees flooding after storms. the region is home to 75 mountain summits and peaks. the russian river. for now it is business as usual but the weather is deteriorating. we will be standing by. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> in 10 10 minutes, a look at what is kneeing done to a-- being down to avoid flooding. >>> three people killed in oakland. including two teenage girls. today the police department announced a plan to keep the streets of oakland safer. ktvu's paul chambers is here and tells us how the plan will work. >> the city is in diker straits. more homicides than all of last year. today the chief and counse
's consumer editor tom vacar is live with more on what the cabers are seeing in the ocean. tom? >> reporter: that is because the commercial crab apots will soon -- crab pots will soon be mining for treasure. with the sport crab fishing season just underway. it is an advanced indicator of the commercial season that begins in a week. that fills the traps that fill the restaurants and grocery stores. he is a skipper. >> years past, we could go out on opening day on sports season and find traps holding 6-10 crab on the opening day. that is a weak indicator. >> reporter: this year? >> every trip we are expecting a lot. >> a lot of the bigger boats are hesitant to come down. >> reporter: because they may be restrained by good crabbing up there and high costs to truck crab pots down here and it is not just the party boats. lot of folks go crabbing right from the peers where no license is required. >> it is closer. hopefully catch some crab. >> reporter: like all things dependent on nature, patience is necessary. >> i came saturday. stay for 5 hours, nothing. monday i got 8 crabs for 4 hours. >> re
't know what the fiscal cliff means to them. ktvu's tom vacar is live with how the outcome could effect all of us. >> reporter: the railroad is upgrading the tracks. but we are near the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: do you know what the fiscal cliff is? >> i don't. >> reporter: do you know what the fiscal cliff is? >> the fiscal cliff? no. i haven't heard of that. >> i haven't a clue what a fiscal cliff is. >> never heard of that term. >> reporter: you will and soon. >> enormous changes that are scheduled to happen around new year's day. >> the president and congress passed a law. absent a deal, tax increases for everyone. massive budget cuts and a reduction of the federal budget. >> large cuts in defense spending. large cuts in non-defense spending. what that means is the government will buy fewer things. hundreds of billions of dollars less. >> reporter: government will have less to spend. higher taxes means individuals and businesses will have less money. >> it will be noticeable and painful. >> reporter: huge layoffs possible, the u.s. economy could stall or -- >> you could see a rece
as the committee held a hearing into this year's change of gas price spikes. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar joins us live where the chevron refinery was crippled last august. >> reporter: of the 8 largest price spikes in the last 15 years, four of them occurred in 2012, including our all time high. the key question, did numerous outages cause real shortages or were they caused by a few exercising their market power or did they with hold fuel to spike prices? >> we have companies in position to raise prices. important, there is nothing illegal, no law against them doing that. >> reporter: no proof of illegal cuclusion -- collusions. >> the market reacts. >> some spikes did not follow normal supply and demand. >> we all said this contributes everything we learned in school. >> reporter: though some claim they were down for maintenance, their pollution records suggest they were still producing. >> i think that evident that we have seen today is a first drop in that direction. we would need to see more before we accuse anyone. >> reporter: there is not information available to detect illegal activity
auto show starts tomorrow. tom vacar went inside today and tom tells us why this year will be a much more hands-on experience for car fans. >> reporter: there really is something for everyone, from custom builts to museum classics. the displays are bigger this year and more manufacturers are here. highly efficient high-mileage diesels, from a tiny beetle to a big expensive audie, and several in between. this all-electric toyota has electric drive. for a buck, you can go 19 miles. gasoline equivalent of 76 miles per gallon. many other electrics are here. this is the koda. this year, hands-on driving as never before. >> and you will get in the vehicle with a product specialist and be able to drive around the building and get a feel for the car. 42 vehicles that, you know, people will be able to get in and drive around. and this is the first time we've done it at this level. >> reporter: like many cars, volvos have automatic braking to avoid rear-end collisions. but volvo also offers an option that senses and brakes for pedestrians. at $9 for an adult, children 12 and younger free, it's
night. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and coming up, one bay area oil company who bid during california's first ever cap and trade auction. who did and did not get their hands on the credits. >>> the man accused of gunning down 7 people at osi ow -- at oikos university may serve from a mental illness. ktvu's patty lee has more. >> reporter: the public defender's office conclouds one goh is not compline -- concludes one goh is not mentally competent to stand trial but the family thinks he is faking insanity. >> reporter: he can't speak about his wife without choking up. she was killed at oikos university in april. today he wanted to look at the man charged with the crime. 44 years old one goh. >> shouldn't be a cowered. >> reporter: he fears one goh who confessed to the shooting is faking insanity to get away with it. >> he is playing the system. >> reporter: today one goh's lawyers told us a psychiatrist diginosed him as a paranoid -- diagnosed him as a paranoid schizophrenic. >> i know he has a fixed delusion about the battle between good and evil.
should be able to get local crab in restaurants and grocery stores. tom vacar talked to crabbers about their catch and what we're expected to see this crab season. >> reporter: the oceanic the season has just began. that fills the commercial crab traps that fill the restaurants and grocery stores. robert galia is the skipper of the sports boat el dorado. >> years past we could go out on opening day of a sports fishing season and we can find our traps only holding six or eight crab on the opening day. that's a weak indicator. >> reporter: this week so far. >> every trip we make we're expecting full traps. >> reporter: it depends on if and how many big factory boats come down. >> a lot of bigger boats are kind of hesitant to come down this year. >> reporter: that's because they may be restrained this year by good crapping up there and high cost to truck crab pots down herement and it's not just the party boats. the fact is lots of folks go crabbing right from the pier where no license is required. >> i come here because it's closer, we usually go to tomales bay. >> i will stay here for f
crab in restaurants and grocery stores. tom vacar talked to crabbers about their catch and what we're expected to see this crab season. >> reporter: the oceanic the season has just began. that fills the commercial crab traps that fill the restaurants and grocery stores. robert galia is the skipper of the sports boat el dorado. >> years past we could go out on opening day of a sports fishing season and we can find our traps only holding six or eight crab on the weak indicato >> reporter: this week so far. >> every trip we make we're expecting full traps. >> reporter: it depends on if and how many big factory boats come down. >> a lot of bigger boats are kind of hesitant to come down this year. >> reporter: that's because they may be restrained this year by good crapping up there and high cost to truck crab pots down herement and it's not just the party boats. the fact is lots of folks go crabbing right from the pier where no license is required. >> i come here because it's closer, we usually go to tomales bay. >> i will stay here for five hours nothing, but came back monday and i go
's consumer editor tom vacar talks with the resident. >> reporter: his customers like to putter around. literally. miniature golf here is just three months old with its hand built bay area land mark holes originally designed on paper for an art show. >> there wasn't any miniature golf in the area and went from there into let's see what we can do. >> the mystery house. the mystery being, where is the ball going to come out. plus the golden gate bridge. the ferry bridge. park street bridge, maze, port of oakland. and all weather proof. >> last we could we had our busiest day ever. >> reporter: works fine for the high tech kids of today. >> takes me back to my youth. i used to go to a place like this in wisconsin. >> great. great for the city. great for kids and everything. really good. and it is a good family place. >> reporter: it has now created 5 full time jobs. >> more people are choosing to do what they love. >> reporter: it is a work in progress, including colorizing the murals. consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> burglars could be using a newspaper subscription to
online after the explosion and fire. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live with the controversy surrounding the repair work going on there. >> reporter: chevron is doing everything it can to get back to full capacity but the question, do they have the right permits and are they going to use the right materials? >> reporter: none of the many investigations stemming from the august fire is complete yet, including chevrons. >> we began our own investigation which is not complete. >> that worries others. >> we have already got evidence the city has
presence a real danger to those who work an expose outdoor sight. consumer editor tom vacar and tells us if the storms will cause any delays. tom? >> and there was no work here today and many other construction sites but they really plan it that way. >> the usual behind activity, the eastern span of the bay bridge is all but shut down today. work in the massive cable system way up high is too dangerous when gail-forced winds, creating an extremely hazardous workplace. >> we brought in all of our crews, who would be out. >> and bay area road building projects took the day off, too. >> cancel most of the work that we're doing because caltrans primary concern is not only the safety of the motoring public but the safety of our contractors, and employees as well. >> so usually bustling oakland concrete factory stood down. the reason the projects stay on schedule, days were set aside in the contracts. >> another critical factor, if you work, has everything to do with what kind of work you're actually doing. >> that's why here in san francisco's downtown trans beat terminal project, placing reb
the major problem remaining, what to do about that big gash in the hill above. consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> let's give you a live look now from our own news chopper 2. you can see the difference 12 hours makes. we just showed you pictures of how the street was covered with muddy water. and we just showed you the live pictures and you can see how crews are cleaning it down. one resident said he woke up thinking there had been some kind of storm. he then looked outside and saw his lawn covered in mud and the stream of mud flowing down the street. >> christien kafton continues our coverage on the clean up and the one big concern neighbors have. >> reporter: crews still working at this hour trying to clear the mud left over from this water main break. now that that these homes are safe, neighbors worry about the huge gouge out there taken out of that hillside leaving exposed mud and the worry is that one good rainstorm could bring that hillside sliding down. >> neighbors say it all started with the sound of rushing water shortly before 4:30 this morning. emergency work
is now fully tuned and can stand on its own. tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. >> tesla has won a battle. a massachusetts judge denied a request for an injunction to stop tesla from selling its cars in boston. dealer groups and the massachusetts state automobile dealers association are suing tesla. the issue is that tesla semis its cars directly to customers through online portals in stores. massachusetts is one of 48 states which bans or restricts car factories from owning dealerships. >>> 37 states reported lower jobless rates last month. the labor department reports unemployment fell below 7% in 23 of the 50 states. california's jobless rate slipped from 10 # .2 to 10.1%. the biggest drop was in south carolina where the jobless rate fell from 9.1 to 8.6%. nationwide unemployment rose slightly. >> house cleaner has been accused of stealing from homes are she worked. martha quintero-ramirez was arrested. the victim called police after noticing that jewelry, money and prescription drugs were missing. officers say she had worked at various homes on the peninsula and in the south bay. >>>
are cancelled. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> on wall street today, encouraged by the fiscal cliff meeting at the white house and ended a four-day losing streak. the dow added almost 46. the nasdaq was up 16 and the s & p 500 rose 6. >>> another live look now from news chopper 2 as people are making their way home through a very wet, soggy commute. giving you a look here live in the area of 80 and 580 not far from goeltden gate fields. you can see there's an awful lot of traffic in both direction ts. keep in mind it is a friday-evening commute. typically things are bad especially in the eastbound direction but looks like things are slow moving both up and down 80 tonight so keep that in mind as roads are slick and a lot of people trying to make it home. with 100% of the vote counting, alameda county's measure b 1 is an apparent loser. the measure would have boosted the county's sales tax for transportation to a full penny. county election officials today said the measure failed by about 667 votes out of more than 527,000 votes cast. if it had passed, the measure was expected to raise almos
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)